The Firm's Expertise

The firm primarily engages in the field of litigation, offering advise as well as representation in court. The Firm has respectively represented clients in actions involving company litigation, land law, building construction law, commercial transaction and banking law wherein the partners have appeared at all level of courts up to Federal Court.

In summary the firm has experiences in litigation in the following areas:

General Litigation

  • Recovery
  • Hire Purchase
  • Company Related Litigation
  • Insurance Related Matters
  • Admiralty
  • Securities
  • Land Acquisition Matters
  • Construction

Banking Related Litigation

  • Housing Loan
  • Refinancing
  • Pledges and Security
  • Housing Developers' Claim

Corporate Banking and Security Litigation

  • Securitization
  • Reconstructions and Amalgamation of Companies

Specialized Filed

  • Industrial Relations/ Employment
  • Securities / Security Industry
  • Arbitration
  • Criminal Law

The firm, apart from engaging in the litigation fields, it also engages in following areas.

Corporate and Finance

  • Financing, Loans, Real Estate
  • Joint Ventures
  • Amalgamation, acquisition and Take Overs
  • Security Agreement, Pledges
  • Loan & Family Agreements

Space Law

  • Manufacturing satellite
  • Launching Agreements
  • Space







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